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5 different Escape Rooms for you to choose to play in and have fun with your friends, family, partners, or even a mixture of all the above! It’s very important for you to make up your team of 2 to 5 persons (or 3 to 6 persons for some rooms), so that there is a proper cooperation among you…

The target is to escape from a locked thematic room (most possibly there are more sub-rooms in the room, but of course we cannot disclose this) in a given time period. There are rooms with a time period of 1 hour (60 minutes), 70 minutes or up to 90 minutes.

The booking procedure is simple. You choose the room your party would prefer at the time and day available on the online schedule-program of each room, by filling in the necessary data* (name, email, telephone) or you can call on the phone number +302810372273 for a booking. * For some games, a predeposit on internet is necessary for the booking completion.

The available escape rooms can easily be divided into 4 categories: Scary-thriller (over 18 years old), spooky (over 16 years old), atmospheric & adventure.

A legend once said that if you ever get lost in the enchanted forest “Lockwood”, avoid being noticed by Hagatha, the witch, because you will become her evening meal!

And yet, this legend is true…

After having wandered in the enchanted forest without being able to get out of it, Hagatha, the witch, has captured you and you are now locked in her hut’s oven!

Will you be able to escape from the hut and the witch’s locked oven and live happily, or maybe even happier, ever after?


suitable for ages 16+ (spooky)

Performance included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

*With a game choice mode: for all ages 12+ (family friendly)

Duration: 60

Recommended number of players: 3

Difficulty: 85%

Horror Lever: 60%

Escape Rate: 37%

Dr. Wilson is missing…

The brilliant scientist was spotted last time entering his office in the psychiatric
clinic “Wilson’s Mental Health Clinic” and nobody has seen him since! You, his selected
associates’ team, get inside his office in order to discover what has happened. The door closes and you realize that you are now locked in the office…
and not alone! Will you be able to discover the truth and escape… or will you stay forever locked
in the dark room of the “MADHOUSE”?… Do you dare?

Horror – Scary

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 70

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 90%

Horror Lever: 100%

Escape Rate: 33%

You and your team are the “Chosen”.

You have been assigned the most
difficult and risky task. You have to enter the Villa and steal the
“White Diamond”. It’s not that simple. You have to master all your
experience and skill, because the Villa with its security systems is
truly impregnable. Every mistake costs, every wrong move can trigger
the alarm and your time will lessen dramatically. You have to avoid the
traps, take the White Diamond and escape… You have 70 minutes in
which time the cameras don’t record you… Failure is not acceptable…
Can you make it?

Adventure – Thriller

Child friendly

Duration: 70

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 95%

Horror Lever: 10%

Escape Rate: 28%

It awakens memories that make your stomach ache… In Madhouse 0 (The beginning) you are asked to discover how the story started. If you dare to test the limits of your fear one more time, a position as an inmate… is awaiting you… in the solitary confinement of the psychiatric clinic is awaiting for you to experience the horror of confinement… Your life is in danger. Will you manage to escape before it is too late?

Horror – Thriller – Scary

Performance Included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 90

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 75%

Horror Lever: 110%

Escape Rate: 30%

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

Your quest for Pope Benedict’s holy sceptre has brought you to the door of this mysterious monastery…

Trying to find a way to enter the mystic crypt, you take advantage of the tour the monk is offering you. You will be able during your stay in the monastery to search for the sceptre and manage to escape, without being seen by the monk.


Child friendly

Performance included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 70

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 75%

Horror Lever: 10%

Escape Rate: 42%

Dark Room    Coming soon


If Madhouse was the reason you had nightmares at night… then in our new room “Dark Room” you will be sleepless for ever!

A new, even more scary experience, in a new surrounding!!!

Will you and your company dare get in our van without  knowing the destination?

Exclusively for persons over 18

Soon here…

Duration: 0

Recommended number of players: 0

Difficulty: %

Horror Lever: %

Escape Rate: %