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Dr. Wilson is missing…

The brilliant scientist was spotted last time entering his office in the psychiatric
clinic “Wilson’s Mental Health Clinic” and nobody has seen him since! You, his selected
associates’ team, get inside his office in order to discover what has happened. The door closes and you realize that you are now locked in the office…
and not alone! Will you be able to discover the truth and escape… or will you stay forever locked
in the dark room of the “MADHOUSE”?… Do you dare?

Horror – Scary

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 70

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 90%

Horror Lever: 100%

Escape Rate: 33%


You and your team are the “Chosen”.

You have been assigned the most
difficult and risky task. You have to enter the Villa and steal the
“White Diamond”. It’s not that simple. You have to master all your
experience and skill, because the Villa with its security systems is
truly impregnable. Every mistake costs, every wrong move can trigger
the alarm and your time will lessen dramatically. You have to avoid the
traps, take the White Diamond and escape… You have 70 minutes in
which time the cameras don’t record you… Failure is not acceptable…
Can you make it?

Adventure – Thriller

Child friendly

Duration: 70

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 95%

Horror Lever: 10%

Escape Rate: 28%


A legend once said that if you ever get lost in the enchanted forest “Lockwood”, avoid being noticed by Hagatha, the witch, because you will become her evening meal!

And yet, this legend is true…

After having wandered in the enchanted forest without being able to get out of it, Hagatha, the witch, has captured you and you are now locked in her hut’s oven!

Will you be able to escape from the hut and the witch’s locked oven and live happily, or maybe even happier, ever after?


With a game choice mode:

*  suitable for all ages 12+ (family friendly)

*  atmospheric 16+ (spooky)

Performance included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 60

Recommended number of players: 3

Difficulty: 85%

Horror Lever: 60%

Escape Rate: 37%

THE BOX - The Louvre Incident

Delivery Game


A recently discovered artifact was to be presented in an archaeological Expo in Greece. For its transportation from the Louvre Museum, archaeologist and lead researcher for its identification, Dr. Quarantiello, designed a sophisticated chest for the safe transportation of the artifact.

During the transportation, the convoy was hijacked and the operation was compromised. The personal guard of Dr. Quarantiello, managed to save the chest from the hands of the hijackers but unfortunately Dr. Quarantiello was killed. Before  dying, he instructed his guard to reach out to you with hopes you will be able to retrieve the artifact. Will you be able to retrieve it?

Duration: 75

Recommended number of players: 3

Difficulty: 80%

Horror Lever: 0%

Escape Rate: 65%


 An educational outdoor game


In the center of Heraklion there is a hidden map of an archaeological treasure!

Will you manage, together with your team, to gather all the pieces of the map, in order to find the archaeological treasure before it falls into the muggers’ hands?

There is a possibility of playing the game in Challenge Mode (against another team)

 (Total distance ~2 km at the center of Heraklion)

Appropriate: 16 years old & above

Based on real history 

Duration: 90

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 60%

Horror Lever: 0%

Escape Rate: 60%


Dark Room    Coming soon


If Madhouse was the reason you had nightmares at night… then in our new room “Dark Room” you will be sleepless for ever!

A new, even more scary experience, in a new surrounding!!!

Will you and your company dare get in our van without  knowing the destination?

Exclusively for persons over 18

Soon here…

Duration: 0

Recommended number of players: 0

Difficulty: %

Horror Lever: %

Escape Rate: %