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HAGATHA spooky

A legend once said that if you ever get lost in the enchanted forest “Lockwood”, avoid being noticed by Hagatha, the witch, because you will become her evening meal!

And yet, this legend is true…

After having wandered in the enchanted forest without being able to get out of it, Hagatha, the witch, has captured you and you are now locked in her hut’s oven!

Will you be able to escape from the hut and the witch’s locked oven and live happily, or maybe even happier, ever after?


suitable for ages 16+ (spooky)

Performance included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

*With a game choice mode: for all ages 12+ (family friendly)

Duration: 60

Recommended number of players: 3

Difficulty: 85%

Horror Lever: 60%

Escape Rate: 37%

Teamwork: 90%

Consentration: 70%

Combinatorics puzzles: 90%

Observation puzzles: 60%

Logic puzzles: 80%

Skill puzzles: 85%

Succession puzzles: 100%

Knowledge puzzles: 0%

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