Escape Rooms Heraklion MISSION: WHITE DIAMOND - Come and find:


You and your team are the “Chosen”.

You have been assigned the most
difficult and risky task. You have to enter the Villa and steal the
“White Diamond”. It’s not that simple. You have to master all your
experience and skill, because the Villa with its security systems is
truly impregnable. Every mistake costs, every wrong move can trigger
the alarm and your time will lessen dramatically. You have to avoid the
traps, take the White Diamond and escape… You have 70 minutes in
which time the cameras don’t record you… Failure is not acceptable…
Can you make it?

Adventure – Thriller

Child friendly

Duration: 70

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 95%

Horror Lever: 10%

Escape Rate: 28%

Teamwork: 90%

Consentration: 100%

Combinatorics puzzles: 50%

Observation puzzles: 60%

Logic puzzles: 75%

Skill puzzles: 85%

Succession puzzles: 95%

Knowledge puzzles: 0%

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