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MADHOUSE 0 (The beggining)

It awakens memories that make your stomach ache… In Madhouse 0 (The beginning) you are asked to discover how the story started. If you dare to test the limits of your fear one more time, a position as an inmate… is awaiting you… in the solitary confinement of the psychiatric clinic is awaiting for you to experience the horror of confinement… Your life is in danger. Will you manage to escape before it is too late?

Horror – Thriller – Scary

Performance Included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 90

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 75%

Horror Lever: 110%

Escape Rate: 30%

Teamwork: 100%

Consentration: 90%

Combinatorics puzzles: 60%

Observation puzzles: 70%

Logic puzzles: 90%

Skill puzzles: 30%

Succession puzzles: 95%

Knowledge puzzles: 0%

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