Escape Rooms Heraklion TIME TRAPPED - Come and find:


How many times have you thought of turning back in time?

Once more you proved inconsistent at your date with professor Francis Martinelli… But, today, on the most important moment of his career, your professor did not wait for you! He put his project in operation, but something went wrong!

Will you be able to prove yourselves worthy of his expectations and help him? Will you dare use his time machine risking to stay trapped in time?

Science fiction

Child friendly

Performance included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Duration: 60

Recommended number of players: 4

Difficulty: 75%

Horror Lever: 10%

Escape Rate: 44%

Teamwork: 80%

Consentration: 80%

Combinatorics puzzles: 80%

Observation puzzles: 60%

Logic puzzles: 75%

Skill puzzles: 65%

Succession puzzles: 70%

Knowledge puzzles: 0%

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