Delivery game - Escape Rooms Heraklion


A new game is coming into your sitting room and offers a challenge to you and your family or your party to unlock it! Many riddles, necessary cooperation between you and, of course, a trial and a different experience of amusement where you do not need to move outside your place…

The aim of the game is to discover all the hidden clues, solve the riddles and unlock all the locks in the 75 minutes time given to you.

The booking procedure is quite simple. Since your residence or the delivery address/hotel room is in Heraklion, Crete*, you may choose on our site the available day and time out of the diary-schedule, filling in the necessary data (full name, email, telephone and delivery address/hotel room choosing a city code*) or you may call on the telephone 00302810372273 for service. Your booking can be completed only upon electronic payment through our website, the price being stable per rent, irrespective of the number of persons included in the party.

* During this period we can only serve the region of Heraklion, Crete.

The available game « THE BOX » which is rented by you and sent to you is suitable also for children and falls into the category of mysteries.

Delivery Game


A recently discovered artifact was to be presented in an archaeological Expo in Greece. For its transportation from the Louvre Museum, archaeologist and lead researcher for its identification, Dr. Quarantiello, designed a sophisticated chest for the safe transportation of the artifact.

During the transportation, the convoy was hijacked and the operation was compromised. The personal guard of Dr. Quarantiello, managed to save the chest from the hands of the hijackers but unfortunately Dr. Quarantiello was killed. Before dying, he instructed his guard to reach out to you with hopes you will be able to retrieve the artifact. Will you be able to retrieve it?

Duree: 75

Taille de groupe recommandée: 3

Difficulté: 80%

Horreur de niveau: 0%

Évadez succés: 65%