HOLY SECRET - Escape Rooms Heraklion


“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

Your quest for Pope Benedict’s holy sceptre has brought you to the door of this mysterious monastery…

Trying to find a way to enter the mystic crypt, you take advantage of the tour the monk is offering you. You will be able during your stay in the monastery to approach the sceptre and manage to escape, without being seen by the monk.


Child friendly

Performance included

—All of our rooms are air conditioned—

Dauer: 70

Vorgeschlagene Gruppengröße: 4

Zimmer schwierigkeit: 75%

Schrecken: 10%

Entweichen erfolg: 42%

Zusammenspiel: 70%

Konzentration: 85%

Kombinatorische rätsel: 40%

Beobachtungsrätsel: 65%

Logikrätsel: 85%

Kapazitätsrätsel: 20%

Nachfolge-rätsel: 90%

Wissensrätsel: 0%

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