Team Building - Escape Rooms Heraklion

The escape rooms challenge and thrill you. It’s an activity beyond the ordinary, a personal experience wrapped in a mystery veil. A phenomenon that has flooded the world and has been loved by everybody, young and old. Through the escape games group spirit and socialization of the team members increases. Interpersonal and communication skills that each one separately has are improved. Strong ties among the members are developed by sharing a unique experience under equal conditions. At the same time self-esteem levels increase by undertaking initiatives and actions for the common goal. Trust, understanding and intimacy grow among the members of the team.

The team needs to work together for 60-70 minutes on a common goal, the escape out of a locked room!

Give your team the impetus with a corporate event. Groups of 2-5 or 6 persons play in one of the 5 available games. More time can be devoted to your event by alternating rooms, participating in a second round!

Priviledges for your Company/Group/Association

Participation in a special activity beyond the ordinary.

Strengthening the prestige of your company by offering collective and innovative actions for your employees.

Qualitative benefits for the employees themselves that may be reflected in their performance.

Strengthening the employer-employee relationship, with the latter realizing that the company offers him such a unique experience.

The game lasts from one hour up to ninety minutes – In total, the event will last up to 2 hours, including an introductory speech, photos and an evaluation of the event, which is an advantage against other long lasting activities, for groups of employees that already work long hours. The emphasis is not on physical exercise, but on the mental involvement of all team members. The mystery atmosphere at EscapeRooms.Gr puts employees in a different mood.

Improve leadership skills, discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and increase problem-solving skills in your company. Contact us to organize together the most perfect experience for your team!