The Escape Rooms are the new fashion beginning abroad, and now to Heraklion too. It’s an alternative view of the realistic game and fun through teamwork! Enjoy the experience of escape with time as the opponent!

With few words, while each room has its own distinctive feeling and story, the purpose remains the same in all – using your mind, you have to solve the puzzles and the mysteries in order to escape in one hour!

Well, the purpose might be the same in all rooms, but the story and thematic, as well as the puzzles that you’ll have to solve, change dramatically in each room. Every room has its own mystery, and it calls you to live out its story!

First and foremost, have fun! Don’t forget that it’s a game… and a team game at that! In each room there can be 2 to 5 players, so teamwork is vital if you want to succeed. Use your mind, search everywhere and everything, and find the clues that you need without panic… you have 60 minutes to pull it off!

A basic rule of the game is to respect the next people who will play the game. Don’t give off clues and important details which could ruin the suspense of the game to any friend of yours that might be interested – let them enjoy it as you did!

There is no necessary dress code in order to play – nor do you need to bring anything with you, beyond good will and a sense of excitement and teamwork! There is no age limit, but children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you are more than 5 people, the room will be crowded. We understand that you want to be all together, but unfortunately we ask you to respect the limit in order to truly enjoy the game.

If you are alone, don’t worry. Contact us and we will find you other players!

The rooms have been created in a way to make you have fun and live out the story, but not in any way that will scare you.

If nevertheless you feel uncomfortable and want to leave the game, there are panic buttons that open the door and end the game.

01. From this page EscapeRooms.gr you’ll find the program for the Room of your choosing, the available dates and the hours that best suit you.

The only things required for booking are your name, your phone number and your e-mail.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically in your mail.

02. The second way of booking is through telephone. We’ll be happy to inform you about the availability of the Rooms by calling us at 2810 372273 (2810 ESCAPE)*

*And just so you can remember it anywhere and anytime, each number corresponds to the letters of the word ESCAPE, as if you were texting the word… let’s see if you can remember that!

03. Thirdly, of you are at downtown Heraklion, come by us at Plateia Liontarion (Lions’ Square), Daidalou Street is in front of you! You can find us at Daidalou – Perdikari 06, 1st floor…

You can leave everything else to us!