A unique room that you certainly have not visited before…. Here, all the participants are asked to come in contact with the underworld through Ouija board. This is the most typical and well-known way of communicating with spirits to gather all the information required for the solution of a mystery. The team of “detectives” does

Something special happened at 23/02/2017 in EscapeRooms.Gr. A unique wedding proposal took place in “White Diamond”. When the unsuspecting girl solved the last riddle, instead of finding the “White Diamond” which was hidden in the safe box of the mansion….she saw her beloved’s wedding ring. Besides the ring, there was a bottle of cold champagne

The premiere of EscapeRooms.Gr in Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa in Anissaras, Hersonissos is today, 10/04/2017!   We are starting off with an innovative version of Game Room (Expansion) in a luxurious place that radiates mystery and a game “essence”.   We feel overwhelmingly proud and lucky, because we are able to fulfill our dreams

Are you so full of ideas that your imagination runs a little wild? Do your friends usually tell you that you could create even the most mind-blowing movie? Do you think that your ideas could come to life as a script? It’s time for you to show what you’ve got! Join the team of EscapeRooms.Gr.