Outdoor Games - Escape Rooms Heraklion


Outdoor games are a different experience! The particular thematic games do not take place in one of the escape room buildings, but, on the contrary, one plays and has fun with his party on a predefined path in the center of Heraklion! It’s important to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, since it may need you walk about 2 kilometers up to the end of the mission!

The target of each game is to reach together with your team to the solution of the mystery, thus completing your mission, always in a preset time period. The time period set for all outdoor games is 1,5 hour (90 minutes).

The booking procedure is simple. Since the weather is good for a walk downtown… you choose the game your team would wish to play at the time and day available on the online schedule-program of each game, by filling in the necessary data (full name, emai, telephone) or you can call on the phone number +302810372273 for booking. The existing outdoor games can be easily divided in two categories: Comedy and Educational-historic.

 An educational outdoor game


In the center of Heraklion there is a hidden map of an archaeological treasure!

Will you manage, together with your team, to gather all the pieces of the map, in order to find the archaeological treasure before it falls into the muggers’ hands?

There is a possibility of playing the game in Challenge Mode (against another team)

 (Total distance ~2 km at the center of Heraklion)

Appropriate: 16 years old & above

Based on real history 

Duree: 90

Taille de groupe recommandée: 4

Difficulté: 60%

Horreur de niveau: 0%

Évadez succés: 60%