THE BOX - Escape Rooms Heraklion


Delivery Game


A recently discovered artifact was to be presented in an archaeological Expo in Greece. For its transportation from the Louvre Museum, archaeologist and lead researcher for its identification, Dr. Quarantiello, designed a sophisticated chest for the safe transportation of the artifact.

During the transportation, the convoy was hijacked and the operation was compromised. The personal guard of Dr. Quarantiello, managed to save the chest from the hands of the hijackers but unfortunately Dr. Quarantiello was killed. Before  dying, he instructed his guard to reach out to you with hopes you will be able to retrieve the artifact. Will you be able to retrieve it?

Duration: 75

Recommended number of players: 3

Difficulty: 80%

Horror Lever: 0%

Escape Rate: 65%

Teamwork: 80%

Consentration: 75%

Combinatorics puzzles: 50%

Observation puzzles: 70%

Logic puzzles: 90%

Skill puzzles: 50%

Succession puzzles: 100%

Knowledge puzzles: 0%

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